Here's my first ever blog post update since joining Casualty Wiki last February! Sorry I've never got around to doing one, but I felt that now is a good time to do a general review as series 30 draws to a close.

Since April, I've been able to create all past character articles and all remaining episode articles - something which took time but I'm glad is over now! After episode 43 of series 30 airs on the 30th, we'll have around a month to complete any other outstanding tasks and brush up the wiki articles ready for the start of series 31. Some priorities at the moment:

  • Correcting episode numbers - Some of you may be aware of the big haul change to all episode numbers since the start of series 20 as a result of the 1000th episode intially being calculated incorrectly. As a result of two mini-episodes of series 20 being counted separately, every episode since then has shifted up in an overall number. All series pages have been updated with the correct numbers as well as the complete episode list. However, series 21-27 episode articles have yet to be updated.
  • Creating cast pages - Some main cast members from previous series haven't yet got their own articles.
  • Character biographies - All current characters have a full biography of their time in the ED - this was something I felt was of high importance. However, some characters who have recently left don't have full biographies, notably Tess Bateman. Although this isn't urgent, it'd be great to bulk out some of those articles with extra info.

Well that's about it for now. I'll aim to schedule another update during the break between the series. Thanks again!