Hello all.

It goes without saying that this wiki has not been in the greatest shape ever since Titan95 and Soapslover96's departures from Casualty Central. Lots of content has since been wiped from the website, including episode synopses and behind-the-scenes information. In the grand scheme of things, the wiki has suffered in the absence of proper dedicated management.

Therefore, I believe that it is my time to step up to the plate and help steer Casualty Central back in the right direction.

What is going to happen to Casualty Central?

  • Content that has been previously removed will be brought back. When Titan left the wiki, he removed practically all of the content he had written for personal reasons. However, as per FANDOM's community creation policy, this was an act of vandalism. Consequently, all of Titan's contributions will be restored.
  • Episode synopses and character bios will be rewritten. We seem to have gotten into an incredibly bad habit of copying summaries and reviews from third-party websites such as the Radio Times. This is plagiarism and it will not be tolerated. There was an incident involving this wiki in regards to stolen content last year which resulted in many pages being removed for copyright infringement. I will not allow this to happen again.
  • The wiki will get a new lick of paint. The wiki's colour scheme has been out of date since the beginning of series 31 and the homepage looks awful.
  • We may revert back to Casualty Wiki. This is a wiki and I will argue that Casualty Wiki is a more recognisable name. Therefore, if everyone else agrees, I will request for the wiki to be renamed.

Thank you for reading. Let this be a new era for Casualty Central.