Welcome to the first (and rather belated) wiki update blog for 2012! Here are the latest updates to Casualty Wiki. As always, remember to keep an eye on Wikia's own Technical Update Blog, which lists Wikia wide changes that may or may not affect this wiki.

Major Changes

  • The long promised new theme is going into beta testing on Casualty Test Wiki. We've been struggling for images as the image quality on iPlayer is quite poor for screen-capping, and the Casualty website has only just updated it's own background image. This has meant we've had to delay the refresh.

Minor Changes

  • Line spacing has been adjusted by Wikia. This means articles take up less space and that readers do not have to scroll down pages as much.
  • As you may have noticed, we added a HD link to our catchup service in expectation of a HD version of the show on iPlayer. Unfortunately, this has not happened yet and we've had to take it down. The BBC have been contacted on this issue.

Update - 28 January:
Guess what? We thought that the new theme looked so good on Casualty Test Wiki, we decided to beta it on Casualty Wiki as well! To coincide with this, we've also enable some new wiki features. Click here to find out more.
Update - 30 January:
The BBC have replied to us, and have said that due to rights restrictions, the high-definition version of Casualty is unavailable on iPlayer. This means that we will only be able to offer only the SD version provided.

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