Today we start a new weekly blog post detailing recent and upcoming changes and tweaks to Casualty Wiki. These blogs will be posted (hopefully) every Tuesday by one of the administrators. Remember to keep an eye on Wikia's own Technical Update Blog, which lists Wikia wide changes that may or may not affect this wiki.

Major Changes

  • Linking to Holby City Wiki has been made easier!
    Users no longer have to use w:c:holbycity to link to our sister wiki. The new prefix is hc.
  • We have now added a theme to the mobile version of the wiki.
    The new theme is currently in beta, and may still be tweaked over the coming days. You can use the HTML classes nophone and phoneonly to hide platform specific text.
  • Portal:Catchup is now also compatible with the mobile version of the wiki.
    The video is provided in an MP4 format, as the standard flash-based iPlayer is incompatible.

Minor Changes

  • The CSS styling on the new navigation bar has been tweaked so that the upper-left corner is now rounded.
  • There have been some minor colour issues on the Profile Masthead and on some edit buttons.
    A change by Wikia meant unusual shades of green were being displayed. This has now been fixed with CSS.

Known Issues

  • As you may know by now, the new navigation bar brings in a mandatory 'On this wiki' menu. There is nothing the admins can do to change or modify this menu, as it is Staff protected.

Other Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below. If you have bugs on the wiki to report, please contact a member of the administration via their talkpage.