Seems that between me being forgetful and there not being much in terms of updates, a Wiki Update blog hasn't been posted for a month. Sorry. It's probably going to be a monthly feature now, but there may not be one this time next month due to Christmas. Anyway, without further ado, here are the latest Casualty Wiki updates.

Major Changes

  • We've reverted back to the 'original' navigation on the Oasis skin. The admins felt that too much effort and compromise would be needed to clean up the layout changes that Wikia have decided to apply to wikis running the beta navigation. Please note that CustomOasis will not be returning, as it was proving difficult to maintain layouts for all the different types of users and skins.

Known Issues

  • As a result of the move back to the old navigation bar, we've had to revert most of the CSS changes since mid-October. This means some fixes for styling problems during this time may have been lost. We've done our best to restore as much code as we can find, but comment below if you spot something.

Coming Soon

  • I am pleased to announce that Casualty Wiki will be changing it's theme in the New Year to reflect the new title sequence of the show. As no one has seen these titles yet, we can't give you a preview of the new look yet. If you want to see the new theme as we build it, keep an eye on our test wiki.

Other Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below. If you have bugs on the wiki to report, please contact a member of the administration via their talkpage.