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[Opening titles]
[Scene: ED - Entrance Corridor. Scarlett and Lloyd run towards the main entrance to meet Jeff and Dixie, who are bringing in a patient. They take him to resus.]

Dixie: Okay, we've got a male, approximately mid-thirties, severely intoxicated. He's vomited and he's started to fit. His GCS, varied, between 9 and 14, his B/P is 95 over 60, his sats are 95.

[Scene: ED - Resus]

Jeff: Which one, please?

Lloyd: Number two.

Jeff: Thank you.

Scarlett: High risk of a possible missed head injury.

Dixie: Okay. Right, let's get him over please, ladies and gents. Have everyone got a bit?

Lloyd: Yep.

Jeff: Yeah.

Linda: Yup.

Dixie: On three. One, two, three...

[A board is slid under the patient]

Dixie: And over. One, two, three...

[The patient is pulled onto the bed. Lloyd and Scarlett realise the patient is Jay.]

Linda: Lloyd?

Lloyd: Maintain open airway. Begin primary survey. Crash bleep anaesthetics. He'll need arterial blood gas.

Scarlett: No signs of trauma. I'll do blood glucose. May need IV dextrose. So, I will put another line in.

[Scarlett grabs Jay's arm to put a line in. As she does so, Jay stats to fit.]

Scarlett: He's fitting!

[Lloyd, Dixie and Jeff hold Jay on his side]

Lloyd: All right, all right. Make sure he's on his side. O2 and suction. 4 miligrams of IV lorazepam and give titrated doses of 1 miligram at a time.

Linda: [To Scarlett] Get that line in.

Scarlett: I'm trying.

[Scarlett manages to put the line in. Jay stops fitting.]

Linda: Well done, crisis averted. Any other comments?

Lloyd: He may need a catheter to prevent him from wetting himself.

[They laugh. Jay sits up, revealing that he wasn't really ill at all.]

Jay: Woah, woah, woah! It's not going to happen, all right? Stop there! [To Dixie] Erm, mid-thirties?

Dixie: Yeah, I was just doing a bit of improv, you know.

Jay: Ah, yeah? [To Scarlett and Lloyd] So, congratulations, grasshoppers. Competency assessment achieved!

Scarlett: So, what happens now?

Jay: Well, nothing. Same as before. But now you don't need someone to hold your hand everytime you want to put a line in. Okay?

[Jay gets off the bed, removing the line in his arm]

Jay: Right, gotta go. I'm late. I've got a very important date. Woo hoo!

[Jay leaves resus. Scarlett and Lloyd clap hands in triumph.]
[Scene: Street. A car stops on the side of the road. It's driver, Damon Lynch, watches as a nearby woman, Sarah Owen, gets out of her car. She takes a baby out of the back seat and puts it in a buggy. As she sets off down the street, Damon gets out of his car. He discretely walks over to Sarah's car, then proceeds to let the air out of her front-right tyre.]
[Scene: Youth Center carpark. A car pulls into a parking space. Inside is Lily Stone, and her father, Richard.]
[Scene: Car]

Lily: I don't wnat to be here. Not today. I want to visit mum.

Richard: We talked about this. I'm working. You'll feel better when you're with your friends.

Lily: I don't have any friends.

Richard: Then make some.

[Feeling angry, Lily gets out of the car]
[Scene: Youth Center carpark. Lily's father drives away. Her friend, Jake Coulson, greets her.]

Jake: Lily?

Lily: Hi.

Jake: Dumped again on Saturday morning?

Lily: You could say that.

Bully: Oi!

[Lily and Jake see a group of bullies headed towards them]

Lily: Oh, God.

Bully: [In background] Pyro! Wheezy!

Jake: Let's get inside.

[Lily and Jake run towards the Youth Center, chased by the bullies. Others laugh as they run past.]
[Scene: ED - Ambulance Bay. Frank Malloy, the ED's fire officer, is stood next to an ambulance, waiting for Nick Jordan to arrive. When Jordan, accompanied by Lenny, walks by, Frank intercepts him.]

Frank: Ah, Mr Jordan. I've done a spot check-

Jordan: Talk to Charlie, Frank.

Frank: Mr Fairhead's not in.

Jordan: But he will be soon.

Frank: Look, I've got fire doors propped open. Flammable waste left lying around. Exit corridors blocked with trolleys. Not to mention, indifferent and impertinent employees. Yes, I'm looking at you, Doctor Lyons.

[They stop outside the ED Entrance, where Zoe is leant on the wall]

Jordan: Fire doors are not my jurisdiction, Frank. Talk to the Trust. And whilst I share your frustrastion with indifferent and impertinent staff, let me assure you that anything I say will make no differnce at all.

[Jordan heads into the ED, leaving Frank with Lenny and Zoe]

Jordan: [To Zoe] Morning.

Zoe: Morning.

Lenny: Lighten up, Frank. It's Christmas!

[Lenny heads into the ED. Annoyed, Frank looks at Zoe.]

Zoe: What?

[Frank heads into the ED, leaving Zoe, finding the situation humorous, to look on in disbelief]
[Scene: Youth Center. Lily and Jake are running away from the bullies. They pass through a gymnasium.]

Lily: Come on, Jake!

[Lily goes through a door on the other side, Jake just behind. They shut the door, and look through it's window. The bullies have just entered the gymnasium.]

Lily: Run.

[Lily and Jake run towards a store-cupboard with it's door ajar]

Lily: Get in!

Jake: Shut the door.

[Lily and Jake enter the store-cupboard, shutting the door behind them. They look around, catching their breath.Jake feels around for a light switch.]

Jake: I can't find the light switch.

[Lily opens her bag, an pulls out a lighter. She opens it, and clicks in on.]

Jake: Where'd you get that?

Lily: My mum.

Jake: Your mum gave you a lighter?

Lily: Not exactly. She didn't need it any more so, I took it. It's mine.

Jake: Is that why they call you those names? "Pyro"? You like fires or something?

Lily: Doesn't everyone?

[On the other side of the door, the bullies can be heard searching for Lily and Jake]

Lily: Shh!

Bully: Maybe they're here.

Bully: Can't find them!

[Scene: Street. Sarah returns to her car, dropping a bag on the pavement.

Sarah: Oh! God.

[As Sarah bends down to pick up the bag, Damon walks up the street towards her, looking at her car]

Damon: Oh, dear.

[He kicks the front-right tyre, which is now flat]

Damon: You got a flat.

Sarah: What? At the worst possible time.

Damon: Is there ever a good time?

[Damon picks the bag up, then looks at the baby in the buggy]

Sarah: Especially not when you've got a hungry six-month-old to deal with.

Damon: What's her name?

Sarah: Evelyn.

Damon: She's beautiful.

[Damon leans in to touch Evie's cheek. Evie is revealed to be his daughter.]

Damon: Hey, Evie.

Sarah: I think she likes you. Better call the breakdown service.

[Sarah pull out her mobile phone]

Damon: Can I give you a lift somewhere, or...?

Sarah: No, I... I couldn't possibly impose.

Damon: Well, it's not trouble at aqll. It's your call.

Sarah: No, it's not apparently. Battery's dead.

[Damon pulls out his mobile phone]

Damon: One of these days, eh? D'you wanna borrow mine?

[Sarah glances between Damon and his phone]

Sarah: Do you know what? I only live five minutes down the road.

[Scene: Street. Damon's car drives down the road.]

Damon: # Don't cry, honey. Don't cry...

[Scene: Car. Damon is driving Sarah to her house. 'Save Your Kisses for Me' by Brotherhood of Man is playing on the stereo.]

Damon: # Gonna walk out that door... #

Sarah: Who's that?

Damon: Brotherhood of Man

[Sarah looks back at Evie]

Sarah: Well, she seems to like it.

Damon: Yeah, she's got good taste.

[They laugh]

Sarah: You got kids of your own?

Damon: No, not that I know of.

[Sarah looks out of her window and gestures towards a road Damon has just passed]

Sarah: Er, you missed my turn off.

Damon: No, I didn't. Exeter Road's blocked off. I'm going to swing back round.

[Scene: Street. Damon is in a queue of cars. An ambulance comes up behind him with it's siren on.]
[Scene: Car. Sarah looks out the rear windscreen at the approaching ambulance, as Damon pulls in to let it past.]
[Scene: Street. Damon pulls in, and the ambulance drives past. The car behind then drives around him as he gets going, forcing him to slam on the brakes.]
[Scene: Car]

Damon: Idiot!