Tejan Francis is a deliveryman who works for Pilston Bakehouse.


On 1 June 2019, Tejan delivered a batch of bread to Shai and his boyfriend Jarrod's vegan food stall at the Food Fest Warehouse. When Jarrod realised that the order was wrong, he returned the batch and shared a kiss with Tejan before he left.

Later, Tejan heard the news that Jarrod and Shai were injured in an explosion and ran to Holby City Hospital's emergency department to check up on them. In cubicles, he heard that Shai was undergoing a pregnancy test and assured her that he "[loved] kids", but, once the test came back positive, she considered terminating the pregnancy, fearing that Jarrod would stop loving her and leave her for Tejan. However, Tejan reassured her and claimed that he was the outsider in their relationship. That afternoon, once Jarrod was stabilised, she decided to keep the baby and asked him and Tejan to move in with her. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 37)

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