During the recent years of Casualty's run, several special (or red button) episodes have aired. They generally follow an episode and lead on from the events. They're available to watch online or on the red button when available.


Episode Series Episode Director Writer(s) Original airdate
Special 1 19 "Something We Can Do" Shani S. Grewal Steve Lightfoot 27 August 2005
As part of the BBC's ion season, Casualty and Holby City join forces for a special, interactive episode in which viewers vote to determine the outcome of an organ donation storyline.

Starring: Harry, Maggie, Abs, Tess, Josh, Comfort, Luke, Nina.

Special 2 24 "The Parting of the Ways" Simon Meyers David Roden 31 October 2009
When Alistair returns to his hostel after letting himself into Polly’s flat, he is on a high; Polly finally told him that she loved him! He knows that his life on the streets is now over. From tomorrow morning, he thinks he will be moving in with Polly. But Alistair’s world comes crashing down around him when he is arrested – so what, or who, has turned Polly against him?

Starring: Polly.

Special 3 24 "Children in Need" N/A N/A 20 November 2009
A very important patient checks into Holby City Hospital, raising the temperature for the cast of Casualty.
Special 4 24 "EastEnders 25th Anniversary" N/A N/A 19 February 2010
As EastEnders reaches its 25th birthday, Zoe, Tess, Charlie, Ruth and Nick (who is played by Michael French, who played Eastenders character David Wicks) wish the show a happy birthday. This was broadcast on "EastEnders Live: The Aftermath"
Special 5 24 "Blue Peter Special" N/A N/A 10 March 2010
A specially shot scene for Blue Peter featuring host Joel Defries as Dr Mickey Webb, a new doctor who is pranked by Charlie Fairhead and Jay Faldren using the ED starter pack.
Special 6 25 "Short Story 1" Reza Moradi Mark Catley 12 March 2011
As he makes his rounds, Andrew Brookfield takes delivery of a bizarre gift from a patient and attempts to establish a rapport with Ruth Winters. Will he be able to keep the psychiatric ward in order and give Ruth what she so badly craves?

Starring: Ruth.

Special 7 25 "Short Story 2" Reza Moradi Mark Catley 2 April 2011
Ruth continues to struggle being institutionalized and encounters a mysterious stranger on the Psychiatric Ward. What will she make of the odd guest and who will win their battle of wills?

Starring: Ruth, Charlie.

Special 8 26 "Under Fire" Gareth Bryn Catrin Clarke 14 April 2012
Major Sam Nicholls, the medic on the MERT helicopter, prepares to return to England on secondment. Her boyfriend, Corporal Iain Dean, quizzes her about her motives to return to England. All of a sudden there's been a radio call-out... a suicide bombing ha taken place at a civilian tea house. As Sam treats a severely-injured little boy, Hassan, he points to the back of the tea house where his father Saleh lies injured. A midst further blasts, Sam risks her life to treat the patient. But as Saleh starts to act in an agitated fashion and reaches for a device in his pocket, Sam makes a split-second decision which has life-changing consequences.

Starring: Sam, Iain.

Special 9 26 "The Kids Aren't Alright" Anne Edyvean Matt Redd 21 July 2012
As the Holby Riots rage on, paramedics Jeff and Dixie find themselves trapped in the middle of the chaos. As Jeff and Dixie attempt to protect themselves from a tearaway kid, Jeff is injured. Trapped and expecting major trouble to kick off at any moment, Jeff is forced to face the grim reality of his own family situation...

Starring: Jeff, Dixie.

Special 10 27 "Mistletoe and Rum" Sunetra Sarker David P. Davis 15 December 2012
It's Christmas Eve and the nurses from Holby ED head out to party. Fletch dreads all the stress that the big day brings, so he busies himself sorting out everybody else's problems.

Starring: Fletch, Charlie, Tess.

Special 11 27 "Nurse Factor" N/A Janine H. Jones 28 December 2012
Before their first shift, Holby ED's new student nurses meet to discuss their placement.

Starring: Robyn, Aoife, Jamie

Special 12 27 "Gone in Sixty Seconds" Jon Sen Paul Quiney 5 January 2013
Paramedic Jeff thinks he has seen everything the job can throw at him and that there is nothing left to shock him. So, nothing can prepare him for what he sees when he arrives at the scene of a school coach crash.

Starring: Jeff, Dixie.

Special 13 28 "Scars and Nightmares" Dafydd Palfrey Asher Pirie 2 November 2013
A casualty special following up on the revelations in 'Badge of Honour' about paramedic Iain's traumatic experiences whilst serving in Afghanistan.

Starring: Sam, Iain.

Special 14 28 "The Spirit of Christmas" Seán Gleeson Henrietta Hardy 14 December 2013
Noel is convinced he's seen a live reindeer in the lounge, while Big Mac spies an elf in the bathroom.

Starring: Big Mac, Noel.

Special 15 29 "Radio Holby - Part One" Kodjo Tsakpo Simon Norman 18 October 2014
Noel has always dreamed of becoming a radio DJ, and decides to finally pursue his dreams.

Starring: Noel, Louise.

Special 16 29 "Radio Holby - Part Two" Kodjo Tsakpo Ross Southard 25 October 2014
Noel has always dreamed of becoming a radio DJ, and decides to finally pursue his dreams.

Starring: Noel, Louise, Max.

Special 17 29 "Mrs Walker-To-Be" John Quarrell Sarah Beeson 22 August 2015
Zoe and Max celebrate their final nights apart, though things don't quite go to plan as Max and Lofty end up in the ED after an accident and Zoe cheats on Max.

Starring: Zoe, Max, Robyn, Rita, Lofty

Special 18 30 "On Call" Jack Ryder Kayleigh Llewellyn 10 October 2015
An unwanted visitor comes to Holby this week - and she definitely leaves her mark! Cal gets more than he bargained for when Taylor presents him with a baby...

Starring: Cal, Ethan, Big Mac, Lofty, Max.

Special 19 N/A "Back to Ours" N/A N/A 20 August 2016
Spin-off Gogglebox where two of the longest running actors take a look back on the past 30 years.

Starring: Derek Thompsn and Cathy Shiption

Special 20 31 "The First Noel" TBA TBA 24 December 2016
The characters group together, taking on various roles for a pantomime.
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