Shai Anderton (born 1994/1995) is a vegan street food vendor who lives in Holby.

Biography Edit

On 1 June 2019, Shai tried to tell her boyfriend Jarrod Morran that she had missed three periods, but he was distracted by his boyfriend Tejan delivering the wrong batch of bread. Whilst working, she told Jarrod the news, but she became irritated by his nonchalant response to it and asserted that she sometimes did not want her relationship with him and Tejan. Shortly after, the stove in their stall ignited and exploded.

Once Shai was taken into Holby City Hospital's emergency department, consultant Connie Beauchamp ordered a pregnancy test for her. Tejan visited her and assured her that he "[loved] kids", but, once the test came back positive, she told Jarrod in resus that she was planning on terminating the pregnancy. In cubicles, Shai opened up to Tejan and explained that she was worried that Jarrod would begin to favour him due to her pregnancy and leave her, but Tejan assured her that he would be the outsider in their relationship.

Later that afternoon, sister Lisa "Duffy" Duffin assessed Shai's baby using ultrasound to check if it had been damaged in the explosion, but, fortunately, it was unharmed. Shai was initially reluctant to look at the image of her baby, but she subsequently became attached to it. Once Jarrod was stabilised, she told him that she was not going ahead with the termination and asked him and Tejan to move in with her. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 37)

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