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Series 33 is the 33rd series of Casualty and commenced airing on 11 August 2018. Filming for the series' first episode likely took place in spring 2018. This series is set to comprise 47 episodes, the highest number of episodes in a series since series 28. In November 2018, new titles were introduced.

In February 2019, it was revealed that the 26th episode of the series would be the first part of a two-part crossover with sister show Holby City - the first since December 2005.[1]

The beginning of the series saw the departure of paramedic Sam Nicholls, portrayed by Charlotte Salt. In November, Gabriella Leon and Shaheen Jafargholi joined the main cast as student nurses Jade Lovall and Marty Kirkby respectively. Over three years after her first appearance on the show, Chelsea Halfpenny made her final appearance as registrar Alicia Munroe. Four episodes later, Azuka Oforka departed from her role as senior staff nurse Louise Tyler, over six years after her arrival during the show's 27th series. In February 2019, the show's spring trailer revealed that Genesis Lynea and Jack Nolan would join the cast as Archie Hudson and Will Noble respectively.

Series guest appearances

The series opener saw the introduction of Max Parker as recovering drug addict Alasdair "Base" Newman. Di Botcher continued her role as senior paramedic Jan Jenning, a role she started in the previous series; Rebecca Ryan also continued her role as porter Gem Dean, who first appeared in the show's 31st series. Also continuing into series 33 was Blake Gardner, portrayed by Kai Thorne.

In June, it was announced that Sharon Gless would return as neurosurgeon Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson.[2] In August, it was revealed that Ellen Thomas would appear as Omo Masters, the mother of nurse Jacob Masters.[3] Later that month, a trailer was released, revealing that Brian Carroll, portrayed by Matthew Marsh, would make another appearance on the show; hia last appearance was during the show's 30th series in 2016.[4]

Episode 2 saw Belinda Stewart-Wilson reprise her role as Ciara Cassidy; she had previously appeared earlier that year in March. The following episode saw the final appearance of Joe Gaminara as foundation doctor Eddie McAllister after a long storyline which saw his character rape registrar Alicia Munroe. In the same episode, Clive Wood made his first appearance as Bill Crowthers who would later become involved in a storyline surrounding Charlie Fairhead and Lisa "Duffy" Duffin. Buckso Dhillon-Woolley reappeared as Madia Masum; she would make an additional appearance in episode 9.

Episode 5 saw the first appearance of Ciara Cassidy's estranged husband Joel Dunns, portrayed by Gyuri Sarossy. Chris Gordon also joined the show as drug dealer Ross West. In episode 7, Sujaya Dasgupta and Jennifer Hulman made their first appearances as Jamila Vani and Rachael Crowthers respectively. Gareth David-Lloyd made his first appearance as Joshua Bowers in episode 12. In the subsequent episode, Paul Barber joined the show as homeless patient Ernest Maxwell.

In episode 22, Amy Noble reprised her role as DC Kate Wilkinson, a character who had appeared on-off since 2015. In February 2019, it was announced via a tweet from Charles Venn that Ellen Thomas would make reprise her role as Omo Masters later that year.[5] . In episode 23, Sacharissa Claxton made her first appearance as Lilley Maxwell. The following week, Siân Reeves returned as Kim Harrison; she last appeared in the series 31 episode "Binge Britain".

On 20 February, the full cast list for the first part of the crossover with Holby City was released, revealing that 14 characters from the show would make a guest appearance, including former Casualty regular Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher, portrayed by Alex Walkinshaw.[6]


For a listing of character appearances in this series, see Character appearances#Series 33.

Main characters

Recurring/Guest characters


Episode Series Episode Centric character Original airdate
1093 1 "Episode 1" Iain 11 August 2018
Note: This episode marks the death of paramedic Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt).
1094 2 "Episode 2" Iain 18 August 2018
Note: This episode marks the final appearance of paramedic Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt).
1095 3 "Episode 3" Alicia 25 August 2018
1096 4 "Episode 4" Iain 1 September 2018
1097 5 "Episode 5" Dylan 15 September 2018
1098 6 "Episode 6" Dylan 22 September 2018
1099 7 "Episode 7" Ruby 29 September 2018
1100 8 "Episode 8" Jacob 6 October 2018
1101 9 "Episode 9" Dylan 13 October 2018
1102 10 "Episode 10" Dylan 20 October 2018
1103 11 "Episode 11" Iain 27 October 2018
1104 12 "Episode 12" Louise 3 November 2018
Note: This episode marks the first appearance of student nurse Jade Lovall (Gabriella Leon).
1105 13 "Episode 13" Dylan 17 November 2018
Note: This episode marks the first appearance of student nurse Marty Kirkby (Shaheen Jafargholi). New titles are introduced.
1106 14 "Episode 14" Dylan 24 November 2018
1107 15 "Episode 15" Iain 1 December 2018
1108 16 "Episode 16" Charlie 8 December 2018
1109 17 "Episode 17" Dylan 22 December 2018
1110 18 "Episode 18" Iain 5 January 2019
1111 19 "Episode 19" Alicia 12 January 2019
1112 20 "Episode 20" Alicia 19 January 2019
Note: This episode marks the final appearance of registrar Alicia Munroe (Chelsea Halfpenny).
1113 21 "Episode 21" Iain 26 January 2019
1114 22 "Episode 22" Iain 2 February 2019
1115 23 "Episode 23" Louise 9 February 2019
1116 24 "Episode 24" Louise 16 February 2019
Note: This episode marks the final appearance of senior staff nurse Louise Tyler (Azuka Oforka).
1117 25 "Episode 25" Iain 23 February 2019
1118 26 "Episode 26" Ruby 2 March 2019
Note: This episode is part one of a crossover with Holby City.
1119 27 "Episode 27" Gem 9 March 2019
1120 28 "Episode 28" Elle 23 March 2019
Note: This episode marks the first appearance of registrar Archie Hudson (Genesis Lynea).
1121 29 "Episode 29" Will 30 March 2019
Note: This episode marks the first appearance of registrar Will Noble (Jack Nolan).


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