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Sanosi Jemal (born 2004/2005)[1] is a Sudanese refugee whom Dylan Keogh connected with in 2017 whilst helping out at a refugee camp in France.

Biography Edit

In August 2017, Sanosi and his sister Mariam washed up in France after their boat to Italy sank. After being treated at the scene of the accident by Dylan and David, he and Mariam were taken to a nearby refugee camp. He started to connect with Dylan but Dylan's trust in him shattered when Sanosi stole his wallet. That night, Sanosi was shaken when Mariam was attacked by people traffickers.

After Dylan refused to smuggle them into the UK, Sanosi and Mariam chose to go with the traffickers the next day and were put into a shipping container at the docks. However, as the container was being lifted, one of the chains broke off and the doors swung upon, leaving Sanosi and Mariam holding on for dear life. Although Dylan managed to scale the nearby containers to catch Sanosi, Mariam lost her grip and fell. After failing to resuscitate her, Dylan took Sanosi back to the camp.[1]

The following day, Dylan told Sanosi that he would take him back to the UK but he later changed his mind. However, he changed his mind again the next day and, unbeknownst to David, hid Sanosi in the back of the car. Luckily, Sanosi managed to elude border security when they found another migrant hiding under the vehicle and he successfully arrived in Holby.[2]

Upon his arrival, Dylan allowed Sanosi to live on his houseboat. Nearly two weeks after the events in France, Dylan and David couldn't find Sanosi. Later, they were relieved when they found him hiding from a neighbour who had shouted at him earlier. Sanosi was excited when he learned that David had found his uncle Kamal's phone number online.[3] The following week, Dylan took Sanosi to Kamal's apartment and agreed to stay with him. However, Kamal was later admitted to the ED suffering abdominal pains. Dylan called the police after scans showed that he had swallowed condoms filled with heroin. Sanosi was upset when Dylan decided to hand him over to the authorities and began to believe that he was cursed. Despite David's warnings, Dylan allowed Sanosi to continue living with him.[4]

In October, after overhearing a heated debate between Dylan and David about his future, Sanosi ran away. Whilst running away from a homeless person, he fell and injured himself. When Dylan and David found him, they decided to take him to the ED. There, when Louise noticed them taking Sanosi in, they pretended that his name was Saul and he was injured whilst playing football. After Sanosi was treated and discharged, Louise found a French food token in the pocket of his jacket and later found photos of him in France on Alicia's phone.[5]

Behind the scenes Edit

Tut Nyuot portrayed Sanosi on Casualty for seven episodes in 2017.

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