Sacha Levy is a consultant general surgeon who currently works on Holby City Hospital's Keller Ward as Clinical Lead, he is also currently the Acting CEO of Holby City Hospital

In March 2019, Sacha visited a local pharmacy to pick up a prescription with his daughter Beka. There, they ran into Ric Griffin's granddaughter Darla and offered her a lift to school. In the car, a pregnancy test kit that Darla put in Beka's bag fell out, sparking an argument. Suddenly, Sacha accidentally crashed into a barrier, sending the car flying. Although Sacha and Darla crawled out of the wreckage relatively unscathed, Beka was trapped with a dislocated shoulder and an open femur fracture.

The medical team and fire service soon arrived and, after Elle relocated Beka's shoulder, Sacha, Beka and Darla were taken to the ED. Due to resus being full, Dylan and Marty took Beka straight to AAU. Sacha argued with Dylan who wanted to immediately reduce her fracture. After Dylan and Marty successfully reduced the fracture, Sacha thanked him and apologised for his outburst. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 26)

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Bob Barrett portrayed Sacha in Casualty as a crossover character from Holby City.

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