"No End of Blame" is the 594th episode of Casualty and the 4th episode of the 22nd series.


Somebody from the department has been talking to the press about the departments affairs during the bombing that happened in episodes 1 and 2. Harry Harper makes a statement on the news about the news report, defending the department. Meanwhile while driving to the music studio a man spills his coffee over his legs while driving causing him to crash his car. It transpires that his daughter, Susie, was in the boot of the van and was seriously injured in the accident. New receptionist T.C fools Nadia pretending to be a priest when Tess catches him out and gives him a final warning on his first day. Marilyn Fox is dealing with the inquiry and while she interviews Nathan, he blames Charlie for the events and brings up the incident where Charlie prescribed a patient medicine which caused her to have an anaphylactic shock. Alice then confronts Adam about how the press found the information to which he confesses to but Tess covers for him. Guppy confides in Harry about his drug use to which Harry tries to assure Guppy that he can seek help. Susie crashes from an allergic reaction to the medicine, Adam successfully does a surgical airway and then she is transported up to theatre. The trust requests for Nathan Spencer to resign due to the outcome of the inquiry.

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