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Marty Kirkby is a staff nurse who currently works in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital. He joined the department as a student nurse in November 2018.


Time as a student nurse

In November 2018, Marty started his first shift in the ED alongside fellow student nurse Jade Lovall. They were tasked with treating a large group of a cappella singers who were suffering from food poisoning, and Marty asked Jade to get sick bowls. After she failed to do so, Louise reprimanded her. Later, after Jade was asked to discharge Ernest Maxwell, Marty found a rash on his arm and alerted Alicia; it soon transpired that Ernest had meningococcal septicaemia. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 13) Later that day, she and Marty treated an attractive male patient named Rufus, and, unsure whether he was gay or straight, they competed to be the first to receive a ticket to their gig at a concert. Determined to win, Jade locked Marty in a storage cupboard, but her plan soon backfired after his inhaler ran out, and he struggled to breathe. When Marty admitted that, out of excitement, he forgot to fill his inhaler, Louise reprimanded both of them for their carelessness. Although Jade won the competition, upon learning that Rufus was the vocalist for a gay folk band, they encouraged him to take another patient named Lenny, who was already interested in him. After talking to Robyn earlier that day about the prospect of her dating, Marty offered to babysit her daughter Charlotte so she could go out more; she said that she might take him up on his offer one day. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 14)

In December, Robyn asked Marty to take Charlotte to the creche. There, he met consultant obstetrician Joshua Bowers. Later, when he returned to pick up Charlotte, he asked Joshua out for a drink. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 15) The next day, Jade encouraged Marty to talk to Joshua, but she struggled to keep a straight face when his attempts at flirting left a lot to be desired. That afternoon, he found Joshua at the ED's coffee shop, and they decided to go out on a date together. Robyn agreed to let Marty babysit Charlotte, and he took her with him on the date. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 16)

In January 2019, Jade got Marty into trouble with Louise when he tried to get her to work. Louise forced Marty to work with her in resus, and she was unimpressed when he made callous remarks about a patient. Later, Jade pulled him over to her cubicle to help her when she accidentally glued a pillow to a patient's head, and they were both reprimanded. When Marty told her that she made him look bad, she took offence and fell out with him. He tried to tell Louise that Jade was responsible for their mistakes earlier, but she told him to stop passing the blame onto others and prove that he deserved to work in the ED. Although he proved his worth professionally as he assisted in performing a cricothyroidotomy, he and Jade remained on bad terms. Later, after she answered an advert for a spare room in shared accommodation, neither of them was happy to learn that they would be living together. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 18)

The following week, Robyn reprimanded Marty after he gave Charlotte a temporary tattoo. Elsewhere, he treated a young boy named Jake, and Rash told him to get Duffy to help clean and dress his head wound. However, when he asked her for help, she told him that he could do it on his own. As a result, Marty couldn't control the bleeding and, having forgotten to put up the bed's rail, had to hold Jake after he fainted. Afterwards, Duffy encouraged him to test his clinical judgement, prompting Marty to express his concerns about Jake's eating habits. Jake's mother insisted that he had not been taking anything, but it later transpired that she had been lacing his food with weight loss drugs. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 19)


Marty after Iain left him on the side of the road. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 20)

Later that month, Joshua continued to believe that Marty was Charlotte's father, and the two arranged to go out on another date. As it was his day off, Louise asked him if he could lend a hand in the ED, but Marty told her that he was spending the day observing the paramedics. He then changed his mind and lied to her about Iain allowing him to drop out. Marty also agreed to pick Charlotte up from daycare. However, Iain and Ruby forced him to come with them. On the road, they reprimanded him for his disrespectful attitude towards patients, and, when Marty said that he had other commitments, an exasperated Iain left him on by the side of the road. Marty ran back to the ED and insisted on working, but Louise told him to go home. He then tried to apologise to Robyn for not being able to pick up Charlotte, but, after Joshua told her that he thought Charlotte was Marty's daughter, she didn't accept it. Elsewhere, he found Joshua and told him that he was ashamed of himself for his actions, but Joshua broke up with him and asked him to never contact him again. Later, Louise told Marty that he needed to think about the consequences of his actions and reminded him that he didn't need to prove himself to everybody all the time. She comforted him when he told her about his breakup with Joshua. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 20)

In February, following Connie's attack, Louise encouraged Marty to talk to Jade if he found himself struggling. Meanwhile, he and Jade treated a man named Rob with end-stage COPD who was refusing to use a CPAP machine. When he wanted to sign a DNR, Marty told him that he wasn't helping his girlfriend Ceri by leaving her and encouraged him to let her be with him. Rob agreed to see her, and she convinced him to use the machine. Later, after Rob asked Ceri to marry him, Dylan praised Marty and Jade for going the extra mile. They asked him if it was possible for Rob to have a lung transplant, but Dylan told them that he wouldn't be accepted. Louise praised them for working together and told them that they didn't need her anymore; she later resigned and left the ED. Marty thanked Jade for her help, and they agreed to be frenemies. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 24) In March, Marty and Dylan took Sacha Levy's daughter Beka to AAU after she was involved in a car crash, and they both worked together to reduce her open femur fracture. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 26) Later, Marty, Rash and Gem freed Connie, David, Fletch and Iain from the lift after the hospital's infrastructure software was compromised by a computer virus. (HC: "Powerless")

Personal life

In December 2018, Marty met consultant obstetrician Joshua Bowers as he picked up Charlotte Miller from daycare, and the two decided to go out for a drink. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 14) The next day, they started dating. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 16) However, Joshua broke up with him the following month after Marty allowed him to believe that Charlotte was his daughter. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 20)

Behind the scenes

Shaheen Jafargholi made his first appearance as Marty in November 2018.


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Marty first appeared in the 13th episode of series 33. To date, he has had no centric episodes.