Jet Campbell is a drug dealer who operates in Holby.


At some point, Jet met Omo Masters, and Omo allowed her to live in her house. Her son Jacob found out that Jet had been selling Omo's prescription medication and rushed to her house. Jet greeted him at the door, but Jacob barged past her and ran up to Omo's bedroom. There, Jet supported Omo when she declared that Jacob was "dead to [her]". (CAS: Series 33, Episode 36)

The following week, Jacob called the police, and Jet told them that she was Omo's carer. Despite not liking the situation, they did not intervene. That evening, Jacob ordered Jet to leave or he would wait outside the house every night until she did. Omo overheard the confrontation, and Jacob vowed to be there for her. Nonetheless, Jet slammed the door in his face. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 37)

On 9 June, Jacob caught Jet conducting a drug deal and chased away her client. She rushed back inside Omo's house, forced her friends out and hid the drugs as Jacob pounded on the door. She told him that Omo wanted him to leave, but he forced his way through the door and unintentionally injured her hand. Once the paramedics arrived, Jan Jenning assessed her injury and concluded that her hand was broken and required treatment. She asked if she wanted the police involved, and Jet claimed that she and Jacob were just pushing against both sides of the front door. She reluctantly agreed to go to the hospital if Omo came with her.

At Holby City Hospital's emergency department, Jet was taken for an X-ray. In her absence, Jacob gathered conclusive proof that she had been selling Omo's morphine and convinced Omo that she was using her. Upon her return, Jet offered to take Omo home, but she confronted her, and Jacob ordered her to leave. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 39)

Behind the scenes

Seroca Davis portrayed Jet on Casualty for four episodes in May and June 2019.

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