"Gas" is the premiere of the 1st series of Casualty. It was followed by "Hide and Seek". This episode introduced a number of cast members who would be in the show for years to come, however only Charlie Fairhead and Lisa "Duffy" Duffin, played by Derek Thompson and Cathy Shipton, respectively, are still in the show today.


Ewart Plimmer has six months to prove Holby's a going concern and panic sets in when Dr Baz Samuels arrives late for work. Kuba Trzcinski turns detective after a dock land tragedy and Megan Roach reprimands Nurse Clive King for drinking on the job. Charlie Fairhead has words with Ambulance Man Andrew Ponting over his attitude to the job and there's a tragedy in the toilets, when a young woman with a stolen baby, locks herself in.

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