"Episode 27" is the 1075th episode of Casualty and the twenty-seventh episode of the 32nd series. It was preceded by "Episode 26" and followed by "Episode 28".

Synopsis Edit

Jac returns to the ED and informs Ethan that he must identify the anonymous blogger by the end of the day, else he will be fired. Ethan analyses the blogs more thoroughly and concludes that Rash is the blogger, until Alicia reveals to Ethan that she is the blogger. Jac returns and asks Ethan if he knows who the blogger is, Ethan tells her he does, and that he has made a deal with the blogger: they shut the blog down forever and get to keep their job. Alicia is thankful to Ethan for covering her, but he tells her that he wants nothing to do with her anymore. A nervous Rash is placed in Resus. He doubts his capabilities as a doctor under pressure, until he successfully treats a young homeless boy's mother.