Clive King is a staff nurse who worked in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital from September to December 1986. Jamaican born Clive is married with two sons and worked at a boxing gym before becoming a nurse.

Time in the emergency department (1986)Edit

Whilst working at Holby, Clive was often stressed, due to the low wage and tolerating racist comments from patients. This caused him to smoke heavily and more dangerously for him to secretly drink alcohol on shift. Kuba once poured Clive's alcohol away and swapped it for cold tea which caused Clive to become aggressive. (CAS: "Jump Start") Despite this, Clive was good at talking to patients, especially children.

In September, a young girl opened up to him after her sister fell from a railway bridge, despite not speaking to anyone else. (CAS: "Hide and Seek") He also gave some words of wisdom to a man who overdosed after feeling rejected by a lady friend. (CAS: "No Future") By December, the department was facing an uncertain future and Clive joined the demonstration outside the department to save the night shift. (CAS: "Closure")

Behind the scenesEdit

George Harris portrayed Clive King on Casualty in 1986. He was the first ever series regular to depart the show, and also the only series regular to have only appeared in the first series of the show.

Eighteen years later, Harris would play a completely different character named Neville Newton in the eighteen series episode "Dreams and Disappointments", making him one of the rare actors to initially appear in the show as a regular, before returning as a completely different character as a guest.


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