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The Lead Consultant in Emergency Medicine (Clinical Lead) is a position at Holby City Hospital. A person with this title is in charge of the emergency department and its staff. The current Clinical Lead is Connie, as  she replaced previous lead Ethan Hardy after he resigned from the role.

The Clinical Lead has a range of responsibilities, including reporting back to the CEO, managing rotas for the doctors and resolving any staffing or budget issues in the department. Although the Clinical Nurse Manager has authority over the nurses, the Clinical Lead also has power over the nursing staff.

To date, there have been 7 non-acting permanent Clinical Leads since the position was set

Eablished in 2002. The longest serving of these was Harry Harper who held the position from the date of its conception until 2008 when he left the department. Additionally, there have been four acting Clinical Leads in the past, one of whom being Zoe Hanna who later went on to take on the permanent role at which point she became the department's first ever female Clinical Lead.

The Clinical Lead is selected by the board, and appointed by the hospital's CEO at that time.

List of Clinical LeadsEdit

Name Duration Appointed by
Harry Harper 2002-2008 Jan Goddard
Zoe Hanna 2008 Jayne Grayson
Adam Trueman (acting) 2009 Vanessa Lytton
Nick Jordan 2008-2013 Jayne Grayson
Miriam Turner 2011 Henrik Hanssen
Zoe Hanna (acting) 2012-2013 Henrik Hanssen
Zoe Hanna 2013-2014 Henrik Hanssen
Dylan Keogh (acting) 2015,2018 Henrik Hanssen (2015)Henrik Hanssen (2018)
Elle Gardner (acting) 2016 Henrik Hanssen
Elle Gardner 2016-2017 Henrik Hanssen
Ethan Hardy (acting) 2018 Henrik Hanssen
Connie Beauchamp 2014-2016,



Guy Self (2014)

Henrik Hanssen (2017)

Abigail Tate (2018)

Consultant Adam Trueman was offered to be the Clinical Lead multiple times but he declined the offer. In 2011, Henrik Hanssen introduced Miriam Turner as joint Clinical Lead with Nick Jordan but she soon left the position to Nick.

In the 2017 Winter Trailer, Ethan is seen to become the Clinical Lead, having passed his Consultancy exams, following Connie Beauchamp's increasingly difficult battle with an aggressive heart tumour. In January 2018, Ethan becomes acting clinical lead until Connie returns to work in April of 2018.

Deputy Clinical LeadEdit

"Deputy Clinical Lead" redirects here. For the person who currently holds the position, see Ethan Hardy

The Deputy Lead Consultant in Emergency Medicine (Deputy Clinical Lead) is the next person in charge after the Clinical Lead. Should the Clinical Lead be absent for whatever reason, the authority is passed onto the deputy. The current Deputy Clinical Lead is Ethan Hardy

Prior to Connie Beauchamp's arrival, there was little requirement for a deputy as there had only been two consultants working there at one time since Nick Jordan's departure in July 2012. Before Nick Jordan's departure, Zoe Hanna held the position of Deputy Clinical Lead. When Connie took over as Clinical Lead in 2014, Zoe adopted the title of deputy.

Zoe left in May 2016 and the position remained vacant until July, as her replacement, Elle Gardner, was only there as a locum. When offered the permanent position in July, Elle took on the role of deputy. She initially held the role until November, at which point she became Clinical Lead. In February 2017, Elle stepped down from the role of Clinical Lead, handing the responsibilities back to Connie. Elle resumed her original role as deputy.

Ethan became deputy clinical lead after stepping down as clinical lead in April 2018.

The deputy can be appointed by the CEO at the time or directly by the current Clinical Lead.

List of Deputy Clinical LeadsEdit

Name Duration Appointed by
Zoe Hanna 2009-2012 Nick Jordan
Connie Beauchamp 2014 Guy Self
Zoe Hanna 2014-2016 Connie Beauchamp
Connie Beauchamp (acting) 2016-2017, 2018 Elle Gardner (2016) Ethan Hardy (2018)
Elle Gardner 2016-2017,


Connie Beauchamp
Ethan Hardy 2018- Connie Beauchamp