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This page is for requests and nominations for adminship.

Who not to nominate

  • Anonymous IP users may not be nominated for adminship.
  • Users who have been blocked. (Note: This can be up for discussion, depending on the reason and nature of the block)
  • Someone who is currently nominated.
  • Someone who was nominated and not promoted within the past month.

How to nominate

All nominations must follow a certain style:

=="Nominee's Username"==
I, "Nominator's Username", would like to nominate "Nominee's Username" for adminiship.
"Reason for nomination goes here."

"Other users may ask question here, both to the nominator and nominee."





"Other users vote here."


  • The nominator must sign after "I, would like...".
  • The nominee's username name in the title must be linked to their userpage.

How is someone one promoted?

Nominees are promoted through a tally of votes as well as bureaucrat discretion. A typical nomination period is 2 weeks. 

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