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This page is a guide on how to present main character pages.


  • An infobox should be present to indicate when they first appeared/became a show regular, an image of them and various other information.
  • An opening section should introduce the character briefly and give and overview of significant information. This can be anywhere from a sentence to three short paragraphs. Any more than that and the information may need to be refined, as details can go in the main text.
  • The main text can consist of the following subheadings with the appropriate information underneath. Essential subheadings are listed in bold.
    • Early life
    • Time in the emergency department (year-year)
    • Later life
    • Personal life
    • Trivia
    • Behind the scenes
      • ​Appearances
  • ​The main character navigation must be at the bottom of all current main character articles. This displays all of the main characters of the show.
  • A character navbox must be added to the bottom of each main characters' page.

Note: For information on the character infoboxes, see Template:CharacterBoxNew

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