Under most circumstances, we treat Casualty and Holby City as two separate entities. Thus, they are separated into two respective wikis.


As this is the Casualty Wiki, we should focus on storylines and characters that appear in Casualty. In the case of a character like Connie Beauchamp who was originally a Holby City character, a brief overview of her time on that show can be included in the 'Early life' section of her article. A link to her Holby City Wiki article should also be included in her infobox. If the events of a Holby City episode links to a character in Casualty, you can mention and reference it.

Characters that are Casualty regulars but have made at least one appearance in Holby City should just have a link to their respective Holby City Wiki article in their infobox.

Regarding images, you should only use an image of a Holby City character from the Casualty episode in which they appeared.

Crossover episodes

With crossover episodes (e.g. Casualty@Holby City; the March 2019 crossover), we are a bit more lenient. Even if one of the episodes uses Holby City's name and branding, it is still a continuation of a Casualty storyline so details from that episode can be included on Casualty Wiki articles. This also extends to images - you can use an image of a character from either episode.

However, if a Holby City character only appears in an episode that is billed as a Holby City episode (e.g. Ange Godard), you cannot create a Casualty Wiki article about them. If they are mentioned on the wiki, you should link to their respective Holby City Wiki article.

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