The wiki's discussion policy covers discussions in any namespace, be it on the forums or on an article's talk page.
  • General discussion is prohibited anywhere on the wiki. As much as we all like a good gossip, the focus of the wiki is and always will be Casualty. Therefore, all discussions on the wiki must be about the show or editing the wiki.
  • Comments on talk pages must always pertain to the editing of the article, not its narrative features. We don't want comments about how much you enjoyed an episode or how hot you find a certain character; comments should always focus on the content of the article and how it's displayed.
  • Be civil. This project is a community effort; the last thing we want is division. We will be forced to dish out blocks if you can't treat your fellow editors with respect.
  • Your edit count should always exceed your discussion count. If you are only here to use our forums and discussion board, you may find that your opinions on how to run the wiki will hold far less weight than more seasoned editors.