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Omo Masters (19 February 1940 - 29 June 2019) was a shop worker at Holby Baptist Church. She was the mother of Jacob Masters. When Jacob was young, his father would only visit him and Omo if he needed money, and he would routinely promise him things that he could never afford. Realising that Jacob needed someone who he could rely on, Omo ordered his father to leave and never come back, and she told Jacob that he had died before he was born. Omo later developed schizophrenia. The voices in her head blamed Jacob for her issues and would become hostile whenever she attempted to defend him. This often led to him sleeping over at his friend Elle Gardner's house. At one point, Jacob became so afraid that he had Omo sectioned. When he was 17, he left home. (Read more...)


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  • 2006: "Last Orders", the 541st episode of Casualty, aired.
  • 2017: Episode 1, the 1049th episode of Casualty, aired.

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