• Lythronax

    Hello all.

    It goes without saying that this wiki has not been in the greatest shape ever since Titan95 and Soapslover96's departures from Casualty Central. Lots of content has since been wiped from the website, including episode synopses and behind-the-scenes information. In the grand scheme of things, the wiki has suffered in the absence of proper dedicated management.

    Therefore, I believe that it is my time to step up to the plate and help steer Casualty Central back in the right direction.

    • Content that has been previously removed will be brought back. When Titan left the wiki, he removed practically all of the content he had written for personal reasons. However, as per FANDOM's community creation policy, this was an act of vandalism. Cons…

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  • RhysDavies27


    January 24, 2018 by RhysDavies27

    As you will know, from series 32 onwards Casualty are no longer using titles. Would you, the wiki, like to keep on using the "Episode" format, for example "Episode One (series 32)" and so on, or would you like to use fan title names created by you and other people? It was discussed a while ago to use episode clip names, however these no longer exist, so what are your opinions? Please respond down below:

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  • Doddb51

    New casualty wiki

    September 2, 2017 by Doddb51

    Please note there is a new casualty wiki at Please feel more then free to edit.

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  • Titan95

    S31 episode scoring

    August 3, 2017 by Titan95

    Below is my personal list of all the episodes of series 31 with a ranking from 1 to 10 on how good I thought they were. Note that these are my personal views - just because I'm an admin of the wiki doesn't mean these views represent the wiki itself!

    Episode Title Rating
    1 "Too Old for This Shift" 9
    2 "Fall on Me" 6
    3 "Strike Three" 7
    4 "Pride Comes Before a Fall" 7
    5 "Schoolboy Crush" 5
    6 "Party Pooper" 7
    7 "Too Much Love Will Kill You" 7
    8 "The Big Day" 6
    9 "Night of the Loving Dead" 5
    10 "Shock to the System" 6
    11 "Thirty Years" 7
    12 "About My Mother" 6
    13 "Not in Holby Anymore" 5
    14 "All I Want for Christmas is You" 8
    15 "Bah Humbug" 7
    16 "New Year, New Me, New You" 7
    17 "What Lurks in the Heart" 7
    18 "Back to School" 5
    19 "Little Sister" 7
    20 "Crazy Little…

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  • Momoruby1


    April 10, 2017 by Momoruby1
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  • Titan95

    Character summaries

    October 26, 2016 by Titan95

    Connie Beauchamp was one of Holby's finest cardiothoracic surgeons when she worked on the hospital's Darwin ward. However, since moving down to the ED as Clinical Lead she's put in long hours and dedication to ensure the ED prospers too. It's not been an easy struggle for Connie and she's fought to get where she is today with her roots in Peckham.

    Not the easiest to work with, Connie has had to make sacrifices in friendships on her way up the ladder, most recently with Rita Freeman whom ultimately framed Connie for murder in 2015. Since the arrival of Elle Gardner and Rita's departure, Connie has focused her energy on Elle, growing ever suspicious that she's out for her role as Clinical Lead.

    In her first year of working in the departm…

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  • Titan95

    Tonight's episode marked the end of series 30, and will definitely be one to be remembered for years to come! It's safe to say that since the "A Child's Heart" episodes at the start of the series, there have been a variety of changes both in the cast and storylines of the show. In this post, I'll be listing my countdown for my favourite 10 episodes of this series.


    • Director: David Innes Edwards
    • Writer: Dominique Moloney
    • Centric: Connie

    Viewers of Holby City probably remember this episode above the others due to the guest appearances from Jac Naylor and Sam Strachan. This episode reintroduced Grace after 11 months absence from the show and she also brought her father with her who was last seen on Casualty's sister show in 2008. This episode stood …

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  • Titan95


    July 18, 2016 by Titan95

    Here's my first ever blog post update since joining Casualty Wiki last February! Sorry I've never got around to doing one, but I felt that now is a good time to do a general review as series 30 draws to a close.

    Since April, I've been able to create all past character articles and all remaining episode articles - something which took time but I'm glad is over now! After episode 43 of series 30 airs on the 30th, we'll have around a month to complete any other outstanding tasks and brush up the wiki articles ready for the start of series 31. Some priorities at the moment:

    • Correcting episode numbers - Some of you may be aware of the big haul change to all episode numbers since the start of series 20 as a result of the 1000th episode intially be…
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  • Soapslover96


    April 1, 2014 by Soapslover96

    I have now brought back the Actors and Actresses page on this Wiki so far I have only done the Casualty current characters.

    It's not finished yet as still need to do:

    • Holby City Actors/Actresses
    • Past Casualty Actors/Actresses
    • Past Holby City Actors/Actresses

    Feel free to help if you wish but please do it the way that I have done it so:

    • Template:Actors
    • Then put in what other T.V shows that they have been on

    This is what it should look like.

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  • Soapslover96

    Update 26/03/2014

    March 26, 2014 by Soapslover96

    Hello, I am Soapslover96 and I have been the Admin of this Casualty Wiki page since March 2014 but I have been editing this wiki since October 2013. On my message wall it says that my account was created February 2014 thats only because I changed my Username as it was previously Waterlooroad2013.

    If you have any problems or just want to suggest something please do either on the Live Chat, Message Wall or here on the blogs. If you was a user here before 2013 then you would know that I have changed the look of this Wiki site and changed the name to Casualty and Holby City Wiki. Please check out our new tab "Community" have a look.

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