• Soapslover96


    April 1, 2014 by Soapslover96

    I have now brought back the Actors and Actresses page on this Wiki so far I have only done the Casualty current characters.

    It's not finished yet as still need to do:

    • Holby City Actors/Actresses
    • Past Casualty Actors/Actresses
    • Past Holby City Actors/Actresses

    Feel free to help if you wish but please do it the way that I have done it so:

    • Template:Actors
    • Then put in what other T.V shows that they have been on

    This is what it should look like.

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  • Eladkse

    Casualty Wiki's New Look

    January 28, 2012 by Eladkse

    As you may have noticed, the Casualty Wiki looks a bit different to how it used to. That's because we've begun beta testing our newest theme right here!

    The new theme is designed to coincide with the refreshed look of Casualty, and because we thought it looked so good when we were testing it at our test wiki, we thought we'd introduce it a tad earlier than expected.

    Gone now is the green that has been with us since the Monaco era. In it's place is a series of blues that compliment each other much better. You can check out a basic evolution of the wiki below:

    To celebrate the launch of the new theme, we've also enabled some new Wikia features: Expanded Wiki Navigation and Message Wall. You can find out more about these at Community Central.


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  • Eladkse

    Welcome to the first (and rather belated) wiki update blog for 2012! Here are the latest updates to Casualty Wiki. As always, remember to keep an eye on Wikia's own Technical Update Blog, which lists Wikia wide changes that may or may not affect this wiki.

    • The long promised new theme is going into beta testing on Casualty Test Wiki. We've been struggling for images as the image quality on iPlayer is quite poor for screen-capping, and the Casualty website has only just updated it's own background image. This has meant we've had to delay the refresh.

    • Line spacing has been adjusted by Wikia. This means articles take up less space and that readers do not have to scroll down pages as much.
    • As you may have noticed, we added a HD link to our catchup…

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  • Eladkse

    Wiki Update: 30 November 2011

    November 30, 2011 by Eladkse

    Geetings everyone! Sooner than expected, here are the latest updates to Casualty Wiki. Remember to keep an eye on Wikia's own Technical Update Blog, which lists Wikia wide changes that may or may not affect this wiki.

    • Casualty Wiki is to beta test Wikia Mobile V3 from today!
      One week before it's official release, the new skin features navigation, fullscreen images, better handling for infoboxes, and is themed from the default wiki colours. The skin should activate sometime today, and it will take a hour or two for it to be customised for Casualty Wiki. The skin is officially released to all wikis on 7 December.
    • Portal:Catchup now features the new iPlayer interface.

    • The editor and Admin Dashboard are now also themed from the default wiki colour…

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  • Eladkse

    Wiki Update: 24 November 2011

    November 24, 2011 by Eladkse

    Seems that between me being forgetful and there not being much in terms of updates, a Wiki Update blog hasn't been posted for a month. Sorry. It's probably going to be a monthly feature now, but there may not be one this time next month due to Christmas. Anyway, without further ado, here are the latest Casualty Wiki updates.

    • We've reverted back to the 'original' navigation on the Oasis skin. The admins felt that too much effort and compromise would be needed to clean up the layout changes that Wikia have decided to apply to wikis running the beta navigation. Please note that CustomOasis will not be returning, as it was proving difficult to maintain layouts for all the different types of users and skins.

    • As a result of the move back to the ol…

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  • Eladkse

    Today we start a new weekly blog post detailing recent and upcoming changes and tweaks to Casualty Wiki. These blogs will be posted (hopefully) every Tuesday by one of the administrators. Remember to keep an eye on Wikia's own Technical Update Blog, which lists Wikia wide changes that may or may not affect this wiki.

    • Linking to Holby City Wiki has been made easier!
      Users no longer have to use w:c:holbycity to link to our sister wiki. The new prefix is hc.
    • We have now added a theme to the mobile version of the wiki.
      The new theme is currently in beta, and may still be tweaked over the coming days. You can use the HTML classes nophone and phoneonly to hide platform specific text.
    • Portal:Catchup is now also compatible with the mobile version of the wiki.…

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  • Eladkse

    CustomOasis no longer exists. Maintenance of this skin was too time consuming for the admins.

    Here at Casualty Wiki, we feel that Wikia's standard skin, Oasis, is too restrictive. We are therefore proud to announce this impoved skin which has been designed with style in mind.

    Due to Wikia rules, we cannot apply this theme automatically when you access the site. Instead, if you want to use it, you have to put some code into your personal css and js files.

    To install the skin, you will need two pieces of code.

    The first piece is a css import, which you need to put in your personal wikia.css :

    Wikia is changing all the time, and we had to put some code into Oasis to make this skin work. Therefore, if you do spot an issue with either skin, please a…

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  • Dopp

    Introducing Chat

    April 27, 2011 by Dopp

    Hi there, Casualty Wikians!

    Today I'm happy to tell you that at the request of one of your admins, we've selected Casualty Wiki to be one of the few wikis to receive a new Wikia feature: Chat. We've been working hard on this feature for a while now, and we want to see how it behaves in the wild. To join, find the "join chat" section under the "add a photo" tool on the right rail of any article page. (Hints: it's not on the homepage, and you need to be logged in.)

    Right now, Chat is still in the beta testing stage. There will be bugs and oddities, so we're glad to have your community as part of our team to help find them as we iron them out. We still have a bunch of exciting features in the pipeline.

    I know you awesomely creative Wikians will co…

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