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Archie Hudson is a registrar in emergency medicine who currently works in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital. She joined the department in 2019.


Time at the Ostwyn

Archie originally worked at the Ostwyn's emergency department. One night, due to the registrars there being forced to work beyond their shifts, she found her best friend unconscious on the bathroom floor, and the hospital disingenuously labelled it as an "accidental overdose". Archie subsequently emailed the Ostwyn's CEO and sent carbon copies to every consultant in the hospital. Consequently, the hospital let her go and discredited her. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 28)

Joining the department

In March 2019, Archie attended her induction day, but, believing that it was a waste of her time, she left prematurely. She soon arrived for her first shift at the ED and met Connie who told her to move her car. Connie asked Elle to give Archie a tour of the department, and, when Elle mentioned that there was a vacant consultant post, Archie was keen to express her interest in applying. As she treated an impatient patient named Trina, Archie was called into resus to treat a man named Shane who came in with burns. She tried to keep him still so she could administer an injection, but he hit her face. Connie called Archie into her office after talking to the Ostwyn and discussed their scathing review of her. Although Archie insisted that her referral, which praised her skills and temperament, held more weight, Connie warned her that, if she found out that she had withheld information from her, she would make sure that she could never work in the NHS again. In admin, Archie struggled to order a CT scan and is told by Noel that she should have been given a radiology password during her induction. She made her way to the IT department, but Gregory - the man who led her induction - informed her that she needed to complete her induction day modules to obtain a staff ID.

In cubicles, Archie treated a man named Ropey who had suffered a fall, and Duffy questioned her decision to not order a full examination. Later, it transpired that Ropey's fall was worse than they previously thought, but Archie decided to prioritise a patient in resus, prompting Duffy to question her clinical judgement. In resus, Shane's pregnant wife Denise began to bleed internally, and Elle asked Archie if she was thinking about leading the caesarian section, but she claimed that she was comfortable with merely assisting. With Elle's guidance, she successfully delivered Denise's baby and clamped her renal artery. Denise was rushed to theatre, and Elle praised Archie's good work. However, Connie informed her that Trina was unhappy with her treatment. In reception, Archie confronted Trina and admonished her for her rudeness and stupidity, much to Connie's disapproval. Outside, Archie found out that she had been given a parking fine and told Connie that she was let go from the Ostwyn after she exposed their poor treatment of their staff. Connie told her that, if she received another complaint from a patient or hid something like that from her again, she would be fired. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 28)

The following week, Archie clashed with locum paediatric registrar Will Noble. Will promised to visit young patient Toby Williams during his chemotherapy session, but he later forgot and rushed to the wards after Archie reminded him. He failed to make it in time, and, as Will left the department, Archie admonished him for his irresponsibility. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 29) In April, the day of Archie and Will's interviews for the consultant post arrived, and she called him "irresponsible" for not arriving at work on time. During her interview with Connie, they discussed Will's relationship with a young patient named Toby who had terminal leukaemia. That afternoon, Will missed his interview to organise a surprise party for Toby in a cubicle. Archie apologised to him for her words, and he jokingly said that he was sure Connie would give him another interview if there were no other suitable candidates. (CAS: Series 33, Episode 32)


Behind the scenes

Genesis Lynea made her first appearance as Archie Hudson in March 2019.


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Archie first appeared in the 28th episode of the 33rd series. To date, she has had one centric episode.