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• 8/26/2017

Goodbye Jez!

In tonight's episode, we saw the departure of paramedic Jez Andrews who joined the show in March last year. We will certainly miss seeing Jez, portrayed by Lloyd Everitt, on our screens. In three weeks, Sam Nicholls, former registrar portrayed by Charlotte Salt, will return to the show as a paramedic to fill Jez's spot.
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• 8/7/2017

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• 8/7/2017

Episode One

Although the BBC publicist has said that the episodes this series won't have names, we already know this isn't true. Episode 5 and 6's titles have already been revealed, and it's also highly unlikely that a show would stop using episode titles after 31 years of using them. I assume the BBC site will be posting their page for the episode later this week, hopefully with the episode title.
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